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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Reason Behind America's Obesity

It's all about the proportions.

Two Slices of Pizza


Twenty years ago                                                    Today

500 calories                                                             850                               

Those extra 350 calories, if eaten a two times a month, would put on two extra pounds a year, or forty pounds in the next two decades.

Cup of Coffee


Twenty years ago                                                   Today

Coffee with milk and sugar                                       Grande café mocha with whip, 2% milk

8 ounces                                                                 16 ounces

45 calories                                                              330 calories

When made into a mocha, the morning coffee has as many calories as a full meal.

Movie Popcorn


Twenty Years Ago                                         Today

5 cups                                                           Tub

270 calories                                                   630 calories

Studies indicate that when given food in larger containers, people will consume more. In a 1996 Cornell University study, people in a movie theater ate from either medium (120g) or large (240g) buckets of popcorn, then divided into two groups based on whether they liked the taste of the popcorn. The results: people with the large size ate more than those with the medium size, regardless of how participants rated the taste of the popcorn.

Via Divine Caroline

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