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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sites that make Firefox sad

The following is a list of sites that actively block browsers other than Internet Explorer or have some serious problem that prevents the site from being usable in Firefox.

Come on people! Its 2007 already, NOT 1997! Get with this century! There is no excuse for these kinds of sites! (Just outright says it wants you to use IE. BTW IE is NOT free, you pay for it with Windows!) (walmart music downloads) " We notice you're not using Internet Explorer...." Yea dumbasses, there is a reason for that. (Ohhh, we think you should use IE.... does let you continue and mostly works. Walmart is now owned by Microsoft I guess.) "We have performed a system check and detected that you need to download and install [...] Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5+" Funny, it even says that on my Mac. I don't think they checked hard enough. To get these guyses music you have to use the obsolete IE 6 browser and your choice of the lovely Microsoft brand Windows 2000 or Microsoft brand Windows XP. And holy camel poo they let you use the wonderful Microsoft Windows ME also! This is just sad, especially because is it is mostly just flash anyway! access SEDONA, you must use Internet Explorer! (I think there is some evil coding in this site) "You must use Internet Explorer to view this site", excuse me assholes, but I don't have to view your site at all. Specifically designed for IE because they must love bill... Same thing I guess. Whatever....

see the rest here:


Anonymous said...

Hey Asshole,

If you are going to act as the Firefox police for the world, you had better get your facts straight. Better check and verify that it works with firefox. (Just outright says it wants you to use IE. BTW IE is NOT free, you pay for it with Windows!)

Kenny said...

The point of this list is to show sites that are designed in such a way that they seem to be only compatible with IE. Maybe 'web designer police' is a more suitable title. Websites nowadays should be viewable on any browser, nonetheless, Firefox.

Thanx for the comment by the way,