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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rate My Cop.....New Website


An interesting new website out of the US is It is intended to allow citizens to rate the performance of local police officers.

Incidentally, RateMyTeachers reports: "We currently know of 967 schools and 181 school districts blocking RateMyTeachers. . . ."
Update: I've been reading police officer reactions to the RateMyCop, and it seems the site raises very serious safety concerns among the officers:

-"I would urge each of you to contact your agency and association/union in an effort to get the site shut down to protect officers nationwide."

-"Bad deal. Just sent the link to my command to see if they can have someone look into it more. My entire 1,000+ officer departent is listed."

-"Looks like a shopping center for cop killers to me. Pick a name that sounds good then go pick off the officer. That site is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen."

-"My Sheriff has turned it over to the County Attorney’s Office. We don’t want our names on a public list. I have gone through great measures to keep my information private. I have had people in custody that have given me threats and told me where I live and the color of my house. I really don’t wan’t my name all over the internet for just anybody to look at."



Anonymous said...

I don't understand why anyone thinks cop killers will use this site as a list of targets, if that was a real concern wouldn't the police car in your driveway be a bigger concern? Lets be honest about this and hear some real concerns from the police......

Kenny said...

I concur. I think the bigger concern is that cops don't want to be publicly listed and have their information anyone