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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Interesting Links

Source: makeuseof

(1) BustaName - Excellent tool to find domain names. Enter the keywords that best describe your future website and BustaName will bring back all available domains using these keywords. Extend the search further by including synonyms, suffixes/prefixes, dropping vowels and more.

(2) Copyscape - Web-based service that lets you locate the websites that are stealing your content. Read more: Copyscape - See Who is Stealing your Blog Content.

(3) - Create a favicon for your wesbite. Read more …

(4) - Text and video chat with your GTalk, AIM, MSN or Yahoo Messenger buddies from your browser. Read more …

(5) PhotoshopExpress - Long-awaited online offering from Adobe. PhotoshopExpress offers a quick way to polish photos online and share them with friends. No technical knowledge required. Read more (incl. video): PhotoshopExpress - Web-based Photoshop & Photo Sharing.

(6) Qwitter - Trying to quit smoking? Qwitter can help you track the number of cigarettes you smoke each day and monitor your progress over time. Read more: Qwitter - Helps you Quit Smoking.

(7) ReadTheWords - This website can convert text documents or webpages to speech and read them out for you. Recordings can be played online or downloaded to the PC. Read more: ReadTheWords - Convert Text Documents to Speech.

(8) Tp2Location - Want to figure out what country or region the phone number belongs to? Tp2Location is a quick no-registration website to find it out. Read more …

(9) WaveMyPic - Spice up your photo by adding a lake wave reflection to it. See sample picture here.

Source: makeuseof

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