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Friday, March 27, 2009

Beavis in Human Form [PIC]

This is the Shamwow guy, but he looks a lot like Beavis from 'Beavis and Butthead.'

Beavis has an underbite and a fixated stare on his face which rarely looks straight at the television viewer, but rather to the side. He is usually seen wearing a Metallica t-shirt. In Blood Drive he wears a Slayer shirt rather than his normal Metallica one.

He is slightly shorter than Butt-head, although he appears to be the same height when viewed at a distance due to his oversized pompadour-like hairstyle.

Useless Fact: After consuming large amounts of sugar or caffeine, Beavis sometimes undergoes a radical personality change. He will raise his forearms in a 90-degree angle next to his chest, pulls his shirt over his head, and then begins to yell or scream erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises.

I had to make this dude un-clickable due to his hideous face. Trust me...if not, just google beavis and his face will come up.

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