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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Firefox: Changing User Agents to Get Access to Extra Content

I'm not sure if this actually works yet. Give it a try and let me know what sites this works on. Well here it is. . .

There are two ways to change user agents for Firefox

The first way is to download the User Agent switcher and switch your the user agent. Just download this extension. Then to change your user agents all you do is
1. Tools
2. User Agent Switcher
3. Pick the user agent you want

For example you might want to add the Googlebot 2.1 user agent... (when you use this user agent you can get into "member only areas" of quite a few sites) You can do this by

1. Tools
2. User Agent Switcher
3. Options
4. Options...
5. Then click on User Agents in the right column
6. Click on Add
Now type in

Googlebot 2.1

where it says "Description" and "User Agent".

The rest can be left empty. Then just click on OK. After that all you need to do is change your user agent and get access to "Member only" stuff on various sites on the net.

If you don't want to download user agent switcher then you can also do this:

In the adderss bar type in


Then scroll down till you find (you can also use the filter feature)
Double click on it and type in "Googlebot 2.1". Now this will change your user agent to the google bot. To change the user agent back to the original one just right click and click Reset.

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