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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

8 websites that sold out

I read this article on Holy's great. Here's a brief summary:

Check it: Holy Taco

It started out as a cool website where you could find unbiased reviews and information on upcoming movies and television. Now it’s owner and operator, Harry Knowles, (who looks like what would happen if an Orange Julius and a pile of tires had a baby) is so bought and sold by the studios that when he reviewed the movie Daredevil, he said this...

I know, I know, how does a site that scribbles little droplets of semen coming from Britney Spears’ mouth, jump the shark? By doing stuff other than that–that’s how. Suddenly, Perez Hilton thinks people give a flying fuck about things he has to say other than celeb gossip, and he’s started commenting on politics and music. Right. The only thing we want him to comment on is why he won’t shut the hell up. Here’s a rule...

JTS used to be a nice, straightforward website. Users would vote on when a classic TV show turned the corner and started to suck. It was a harsh, brutal, and clear-cut commentary on the TV world. Then it got bought by some big corporation and became my 12 year old sister’s diary...

Can you remember the last time you paid money on the internet to masturbate? I can’t, and let me tell you–I masturbate a lot. With youporn, porntube,, and the like, there’s enough free porn out there to satisfy all of China, if it was only inhabited by thirteen-year-old boys with portable lotion dispensers. Why should I pay $9.99 to get on a pay site...

Remember when used to be about news? Now half the headlines are either about some dude who found out he was banging his long lost sister, or a story about a cat in Des Moines, Iowa that made a 911 call that saved Christmas...

This used to be THE site for funny videos and pictures. In fact, there was a rumor that Eric Bauman was offered 100 million dollars for it and said no. That prompts me to start a new rumor: Eric Bauman is mentally retarded. If you’ve made your entire fortune from stealing other people’s videos, how do you not forsee that maybe other companies might take your business model and kick the absolute crap out of it?...

...every day I get the following friend request from some chick in a bikini named something like “Nadia”. “Hey, I noticed you were on the site, just wanted to say hi! Myspace won’t let me show my naked pics here, so come to my website!” If If I wanted porn, I’d go to a website or look in between my dad’s mattress. And who could forget how awesome it is to go to someone’s site, wait 15 minutes for it load...

AOL used to own the internet. They were like the smoking hot chick in high school that everyone wanted to bang. Now you go back to your ten-year reunion and they’re the overweight hag, who’s carrying a child and asking you if she can “bum a smoke” as she attempts to lick some dried mayonnaise off her face. AOL’s been so bought out by large corporations and networks that their news coverage and search engines are total shit. Look at this screen shot from today of their “hot searches.”...

Check it: Holy Taco

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