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Monday, January 14, 2008

Website Secret Information

I found this very interesting, with all kinds of tid-bits and things I didn't know about various sites. It also contains odd, interesting, or funny things in other websites’ code. Follow the link for the whole story. Thanx Robert Accettura.

Robert Accettura's Fun with Wordage

Microsoft’s offering against Linux and Apache is IIS on Windows. Which one would expect they themselves use. What they don’t tell you is that they also have used Akamai (with over 25,000 servers), which uses Linux. They have used Akamai for many things like DNS, and caching files. Rather than “Powered By Windows Server” maybe they should append “hiding behind Linux”. was previously Adobe/Macromedia’s model customer because it was written in ColdFusion, and said to be the biggest ColdFusion site on the net (and one of the biggest sites on the net). Many think it still is, but it’s not. While many URL’s suggest it might be because they end in .cfm it’s actually running and has been since aprox, 2006. You can confirm this by viewing the headers on some of their pages. You’ll see:

X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727’s site has search powered by a Google Search Appliance. MTV is also owned by Viacom who sued Google, the parent company of YouTube. The folks at MTV awesomely admitted the irony during relaunch on their blog.

For some reason, most of Google’s services are insecure by default. By simply going to https, you can use SSL for added security.
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Robert Accettura's Fun with Wordage

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