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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Create WinPE disk to clone devices

This method uses Norton Ghost along with WindowsPE for creation and deployment of clones. Here's the steps:

1. Download the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) located at the following URL:

2. Once you have WAIK download, burn the image file to DVD using 3rd party burning software or extract the contents of the image file to a folder.

3. The following components should be installed on a Windows XPSP2, Windows 2003 SP1, or Windows Vista computer. These components are all available on the WAIK DVD burned in step 2.
a. .NET Framework Setup
b. MSXML 6.0 Setup
c. Windows AIK Setup (install last).

4. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Windows AIK > Windows PE Tools Command Prompt

5. Type the following commands at the command prompt:

a. copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86

b. imagex /mountrw c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 1 c:\winpe_x86\mount

Next, you'll want to copy ghost32.exe and NIC drivers to the PE disk:

c . copy "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\Ghost32.exe" c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows

d. peimg /inf=[LOCATION OF NIC DRIVER.inf] c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows

e. peimg /prep c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows
Type Yes to continue

f. imagex /unmount c:\winpe_x86\mount /commit

g. copy c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim
Type Yes to overwrite

h. oscdimg -n -bc:\winpe_x86\ c:\winpe_x86\ISO c:\winpe_x86\winpe_x86.iso

i. Burn the ISO located at c:\winpe_x86 to CD/DVD.

6. Boot your client machine with the new PE disk you built

7. When the PE environment is fully loaded, you'll see a command prompt. At the command prompt, type ghost32.exe and press [enter]

8. At this point, Ghost will open and you can perform imaging as you normally would


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