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Friday, February 15, 2008

Write a six-word motto for the USA

Freakonomics have come up with a contest where you come up with a six-word motto for the United States of America.

Here are just a few:

-Still Using Fahrenheit, Feet, and Gallons
-Land of the six word motto
-All your oil belong to us
-I Can’t Believe It’s Not Democracy
-Some are more equal than others
-stop me before I kill again
-Everyone hates US; immigration way up
-No, we still don’t like soccer
-Can’t we all just get along?
-Bold Leadership for a Brighter Yesterday
-America….at least we’re not Canada
-Your oil, our cars, we win
-One Nation, Over Weight, Over Budget
-Land of the Free (Just Kidding)
-You’ll never have what we’ve got.
-We know how to count!
-Do you want fries with that?
-This motto reserved for highest bidder
-We don’t need no stinkin’ motto!
-If you live here, you’re home.
-What Your Country Can Do For You
-God bless America! Starting with me!
-One Nation. One God. Screw You.
-Fatter, dumber, richer, and more free.
-Like Ancient Rome, with flush toilets
-Luckily, our parents left your country
-Coming To A Country Near You!
-Let Freedom Ring (void where prohibited.)
-Made in America (with foreign components)
-Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton? Deja Vu?
-Say what you want. We do
-Not that bad. Could be better
-In God we trust. Uh oh
-Our Vice-President Will Shoot Yours!

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