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Friday, July 18, 2008

Part 2: Acer Mini-Tower Issue of Over-Heating

In part one of my Acer mini-tower issue of over-heating, I introduced Speed Fan; It basically taps into sensors on the motherboard to give a reading of your device's fan speeds and temperatures. In my instance, I figured that messing with the fan speeds was too much hassle. Speed Fan was, however, a great tool for seeing what kind of temps you're actually getting though.

After installing Speed Fan and monitoring the temps, the L100 would still shut off unexpectedly; and everytime it would shut off, I would be doing something else and not even be able to see if the temp maxed out.

Anyway, I ended up just re-applying thermal grease to the CPU; and the computer hasn't shut off yet. I'm thinking about transferring the setup to a new case (so I can add additional fans) and use it as a front-end interface for mythTV. I bought an Acer Aspire X1200. You can't beat the price tag: $450. So, there you have it. Throw some grease on that CPU and keep going. That or throw it in a new case that has a better cooling system.

Speaking of a cool PC, check out this guy who made a PC freezer:

Octools: PC Freezer

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