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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Design Templates Including HTML & PSD

It's always nice to come across free stuff. Smashing Apps has a list of the most useful ready-to-use design templates. These include photoshop brushes, fonts, icons, and HTML templates. Use them and modify to your liking.

Cute Free Twitter Graphics

10+ Free Grunge Style Rust Textures

The free XHTML / CSS templates have a good design to them. Definately worth checking out and keeping on-hand.

Useless: The median expected salary for a typical Designer I - Web in the United States is $50,725.

Head on over to Smashing Apps for the full list, but here are some of them.

6 Free PSD/(X)HTML-Templates

500+ Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

40 (NEW) High-quality and Free Icon Sets


Anonymous said...

hi, great collection! Its very useful for the professionals developer more templates easy to download

Kenny said...

I was always taught, 'A good developer doesn't have to write code. The code is already there; it just needs to be modified.'

Hooray for open source.

Web Design Quote said...

It is a very good collection so for,The code HTML and 6 Free PSD/(X)HTML-Templates which is free download can much helped to the web developer.

Anonymous said...

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Kenny said...

Thanks William for stopping by. In today's industry, there's just no need to hand-code HTML or CSS anymore.

Psd To Html said...

An easy and quite affordable way to get the photoshop designs sliced into high quality web layouts.

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patrick said...

Hopefully i will use your Creativeness Psd template

PSD to XHTML said...

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daveskaren said...

Outstanding, a terrific resource.
Thanks for undertaking the effort involved in compiling this post! web templates at easy to download.

Addison said...

What a fine collection of templates! Bundle of thanks for sharing
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Austin Brove said...

Brilliant! Your talent is really cool
Free Web Templates

PSD to HTML said...

These are good - though the themes look quite similar to other free templates.

Website Design Companies said...

I really enjoyed this info. I would expect same in next post.

Layer Mask said...

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