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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Blogger Hacks for Better Functionality [HOW TO]

Thanks to Tech Kumar for this information. The below let you implement Wordpress blog plugins into your Blogger blog.

Related posts with thumbnail:

This widget shows related posts with thumbnail images works with Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad. Don’t want to display image thumbnails then try this related post hack.

Display short summary with image thumbnails in Home page:

The good thing about this hack is it automatically recognizes the image in your post and displays it, but the downside is you must place only one image per post. Another similar thumbnail widget, displays only images not the text.

Show popular posts based on number of comments:

Popular Posts widget checks for Comment feeds to find out the most commented posts using content aggregation tool from Yahoo.

WordPress like Greet Box for Blogger:

Kaushik created this hack for Blogger blogs, looks similar to WordPress Greet Box but limited to only small number of referrers(Google search, Yahoo search, Digg, StumbleUpon). Visit this page for demo, you will find Blogger Greet Box at the top.

Top Commentator widget for Blogger:

This widget works exactly as the WordPress plugin, it displays the top commenter’s names along with their site url, makes use of Yahoo pipes.

Smilies for Blogger blogs:

Display your mood in blog posts, or let your readers do that in their comments on your blog.

Automate short summary – Read More link:

Stop adding codes inside your posts to display read more link and start installing automating scripts to do it automatically whenever you publish new posts. There are two hacks for displaying auto-read more link for your posts on Home page CSS hack and Java script hack. Try other similar hacks with different approach expand and collapse(super peek-a-boo hack), and improved super peek-a-boo.

Breadcrumb for Blogger blogs:

Displays breadcrumbs at the top of your post titles, makes navigating easy for site visitors.

Display Gravatar like comment author photos:

This hack display Blogger profile images of the users who commented, like the Gravatar that works with WordPress.

Display random posts:

We already know how to display related posts, this hack displays random posts. For WordPress blogs there is a nice plugin(WordPress Related posts) which displays random posts when there are no related posts.

Let readers dynamically switch themes on your blog:

This is entire different hack for Blogger blogs which lets visitors to switch between themes for the blog.

Add category or label feeds to your blog:

You can see this kind of category feeds on News or Magazine websites where they display separate category feeds for each category posts.

Table of Contents for blog posts:

This is highly interactive hack for displaying Table of contents, it can sort posts based on post title, sort by date: newest first, or oldest first, sort in reverse order.

Thanks to Tech Kumar for this information.


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